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The startup incubatorfor ITU students

We provide the right resources, mentorship & financial support for students
to create new technology startups at the IT University of Copenhagen.

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Life is too short to work for a boring company.
We bring the resources, you bring the ambition.

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Fill the cofounder signup form and we will provide you with a list of other students looking for cofounders & invite you to our networking events.

Idea Pipeline

Join a 3-month programme in which you receive dedicated mentorship to improve your startup idea & get customer validation.


A 6-month incubation programme where you get the resources needed to develop your business, your product and launch your startup.

Yes, building a startup is hard and takes a lot of effort.

There are many things that you need to figure out, but you don't need to do everything all at the same time.

In reality it is simply a sequence of steps taking you closer to your goal. And we are there to support you on that journey.


Find cofounders

You must get those around you as excited for your vision as you are! You will need a lot of help to build this company!


Research your problem area

Talking to potential customers allows you to iterate rapidly and identify how to deliver the highest value to customers.


Build a working prototype

Show, don't tell! Have a basic prototype of your solution ready for feedback and further development.


Define your business plan & pitch deck

With the learning you've had by this point you can write a much more compelling business plan & pitch deck for potential investors.

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We’re here to help

If you're not sure if you are ready to join the incubator we can setup a meeting and answer any of your questions.

We're not the only ones comitted to helping student startups

We are working together with many exceptional partners who also believe in our mission of supporting the student entreprenewurs of tomorrow.