ITU Startup Pipeline- Free startup advice for ITU Students
ITU Startup Pipeline

ITU Startup Pipeline

Free advice on how to build your idea into a startup.

Do you have a startup idea?

A step-by-step programme on how to get from idea to startup.

Business Model

Starting with the basics of your business idea document your value proposition and define what is the problem area you are addressing.

Customer Development

Define the customer segments with the largest pain points that you have identified and start talking to potential users to validate your assumptions.

Solution Prototype

Turn feedback into a tangible solution, a high fidelity prototype which can prove that you are solving a problem in an elegant (and feasible) way.

Pitch Deck

If you have uncovered a clever solution to the problem, it might be time to turn your idea into a startup. But first, you must convince the investors!
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Entrepreneurship Course

A 6 week programme to help you understand the building blocks of succesful startups and learn from the founders of some of the biggest Danish tech startups.

ITU Startup has helped us get a good head start by providing exactly what was necessary for a pre-seed startup in the early days, like office space, AWS credits and guidance when needed!


The ITU Startup programme has helped us to move from an idea stage to having a company with a product and a great team. Vlad Gidea, the incubator manager, helped us refine the idea we had and guided us to target the right customer segment, while also helping us to design our prototype.

Victor Brorson

Our Team

Real world business experience for solving real world problems. Our team has a proven track record of starting and scaling technology companies.