ITU Startup Incubator for ITU Students
About us

About us

We help student startups develop products & services that create value for people & society.

Clockwork working

The Startup Programme was instrumental in getting our company from an idea to an early business: very useful legal counsel, capital injections and overall advice. ITU-BD is a great advantage for students’ startups as it brings experience which is critical to creating a profitable company.

Samy Tessier, CEO at Clockwork Trading ApS

On a mission to empower
student entrepreneurs

The ITU Startup programme is a service provided by ITU Business Development A/S, a limited liability company owned by the IT University of Copenhagen to students and early-stage startups.

ITU Business Development specialises in technology transfer operations, establishing research spinoffs from intellectual property developed by ITU researchers. In addition to this, ITU Business Development provides the same expertise and in some cases, investments, to the most ambitious entrepreneurs.

The mission of the ITU Startup programme is to provide guidance and knowledge to students. This leads to teams creating new technology startups with innovative concepts. We are a launchpad for students into the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem, helping teams prepare for the next stages of startup growth.

We have a team of experienced entrepreneurs and operators ready to provide dedicated mentorship, and other resources which enable technology companies to rapidly learn and grow while also being able to focus on developing their product and their technology.

Student entrepreneurs

Our Team

Real world business experience for solving real world problems. Our team has a proven track record of starting and scaling technology companies.